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    • Strawberry White Chocolate

      Strawberry White Chocolate

      Selected seasonal fresh strawberries, each delicate and juicy, blended with a fragrant milk base and paired with an elegant seven scented jasmine tea base, the fruity, milk, and tea aromas blend naturally. With the addition of a rich white chocolate aroma, it adds a silky and rich texture, making the taste mellow but not greasy.
    • Strawberry Milk Jelly

      Strawberry Milk Jelly

      Selected seasonal fresh strawberries, each delicate and juicy, blended with a fragrant milk base and paired with an elegant seven scented jasmine tea base, resulting in a natural blend of fruit, milk, and tea aromas. There are also chewed strawberry granules and tender milk jelly, with a full and sour bite, unlocking multiple pleasures.
    • Roselle Hawthorn Berry

      Roselle Hawthorn Berry

      Seasonal Luo Shen Hua is paired with selected hawthorn and cooked for a long time to preserve the complete aroma. The rich floral aroma is mixed with bright acidity, resulting in a better sour sweet ratio. Fresh strawberries are hand pounded to leave a lingering fragrance, naturally outstanding.
    • Taro Paste Milk Green Tea

      Taro Paste Milk Green Tea

      Selected high-quality taro, steamed and hand pounded daily to make thick taro paste, with a smooth and dense taste. Paired with Q-soft taro balls, it is blended with elegant seven aroma jasmine milk tea base, refreshing and sweet on the palate, and the taro aroma is long-lasting.
    • Jasmine Tea

      Jasmine Tea

      Seven Scented Jasmine,from the early spring original leaf green tea in fresh jasmine flowers full scenting dyeing under seven times.Paired with fresh milk from high-quality pastures, the milky aroma does not overpower the tea aroma, bringing the whole cup witha fresh and elegant fresh feeling. A gentle sip will bring back the aroma, and the taste is endless.
    • Warm Jujube Black Tea

      Warm Jujube Black Tea

      Selected grey dates, longan, black sugar, and goji berries are fully cooked, blended with the fragrant plum blossom flower kui black tea. The fresh tea aroma neutralizes the thick and sweet black sugar, and the taste is perfectly natural and sweet, with a strong warmth.
    • Euphorbia Neriifolia Soybean Milk

      Euphorbia Neriifolia Soybean Milk

      Selected Yanyun Keelen milk tea base and specially ground soybean powder burst out with a double bean aroma. The sweet and non greasy taste of salty and sweet cheese extends the fragrance endlessly, with a long-lasting and long-lasting aroma.
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    ChaPanda donated a rural children's playground to Liangshan Prefecture to help rural children grow up happily.

      China Food Safety Network News (Reporter Liu Yanzheng) On July 3rd, the rural children's playground in Xinfeng Village, Mianning County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China, was officially put into use.
      Jul 13,2023

    ChaPanda donated 10 million yuan to support flood control and disaster relief work in Beijing and Hebei.

      On August 3rd, ChaPanda announced that it would donate 5 million yuan each to Beijing Charity Association and Hebei Charity Federation for emergency rescue, material procurement and post-disaster reconstruction in Fangshan, Mentougou, Beijing and Zhuozhou, Hebei.
      Aug 04,2023

    Worth 18 billion yuan, surpassing "NAIXUE"! What does the dominant player of mid-range tea quietly make a fortune with?

      In June this year, ChaPanda, established 15 years ago, got the first public financing, which was led by Lanxin Asia, followed by investment institutions such as CICC and Tomato Capital.
      Jun 28,2023

    Caring for giant pandas, Sichuan enterprises are taking action. ChaPanda Lifetime Adoption Panda "Chacha".

      On May 16th, Chabaidao Group held a lifelong adoption ceremony for the giant panda "Chacha" at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research Base (referred to as the "Chengdu Panda Base").
      May 16,2023

    Tea Baidao releases a new brand positioning, a return and reshaping in the era of ten thousand stores

      Red Star Capital Bureau reported on April 22nd that the brand upgrade conference of Chabaidao 2023 was held in Chengdu, Sichuan.
      Apr 22,2023

    ChaPanda: Making young people fall in love with Chinese tea.

      For the "China-Chic" ChaPanda, that cup of fragrant tea has a special meaning: it is not only a drink, but also represents a way of life.
      Apr 18,2022

    ChaPanda: New tea ingredients contribute to rural revitalization.

      From the high-quality agricultural products in the fields to the new tea drinks held by consumers, ChaPanda has been searched for ingredients with great flavor in the north and south of the Yangtze River and concentrated into cups of drinks.
      Mar 18,2022

    Secret of "ChaPanda" becoming a new tea of China-Chic

      Tea, which originated in China, has a long history and is an important cultural symbol in China.
      Jan 30,2022
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